What we offer


Website Development

Whether you need a basic website, a Facebook page or application, or a complete e-commerce solution, KICKdesigns will work with you to achieve your goals. We offer a turnkey solution which includes search-engine optimization (SEO), GUI design, deployment and maintenance when applicable.



Are you in the process for writing, editing, or testing your source code? KICKdesigns can assist in your technological development through its expertise in programming languages such as Javascript/jQuery, ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, PHP, and MySQL.


We can offer suggestions to promote your film or music album, advertise your business services, or how to corner a new market. When you use KICKdesigns for consulting, you are hiring  creative company capable of everything from brainstorming to project planning and product testing.

Project Management

Do you need help completing an internal project? Or perhaps you’d like a U.S. based manager to assist in your overseas personnel or resourcing. Partner with KICKdesigns and we will strive to bring your project to completion within specifications and efficiency.


Storyboard / Wireframe / Pre-vis

Creating a solid foundation for your project is crucial. We believe that storyboarding and pre-visualization is the cornerstone of that foundation.We use a wide range of techniques and applications to help our clients envision and strategize their project goals and objectives.


2D/3D Animation

Do you need animation for a banner ad, commercial, or short-film? KICKdesigns has an animation pipeline and render network, that utilizes the latest in vector, 2D and 3D animation applications. You may choose to animate from existing assets, or custom designed components; to bring life to your content.


Instructional Design

When you have information to deliver, or need to communicate an important company protocol; excellent instructional design is fundamental. KICKdesigns leverages information from teachers, specialists, and subjects to define the end goal of the instruction.


Video Production

KICKdesigns offers video production services to help you set up, shoot, and schedule your short film, training video, or corporate presentation. We are happy to use your existing equipment, or utilize your own digital suite to add to your production resources.


Video Editing

Do you need an on-line editor, or an offline assistant for your film? Or perhaps, yo just want to sweeten your existing video content. KICKdesigns believes that video editing is not just a process of re-arranging footage, but is a vital part of communicating your message.


Studio Audio Recording

If you need a voiceover, foley work, or digital sync, KICKdesigns overs audio recording and production to energize your soundtrack.

Music Production

We can provide a short audio loop for your website, or a short score for your content. KICKdesigns offers music production and creation for your film, game, or web media.